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    Digital Solutions
    for the
    Apparel Industry




Digital Integration for the Apparel Industry

Fision Technologies’ SPECTRUM is a cloud platform fuelling a new generation of digital solutions for the apparel industry.

SPECTRUM is created around the vision of utilizing end consumers’ individual body measurements in order to provide them with highly customised products and services.

We offer a growing portfolio of industry solutions on the basis of this data aimed at driving customer value while concurrently making operations smarter, leaner, and greener.

SPECTRUM Platform features:

  • body measurements

    Central repository of accurate, detailed personal body measurements

  • wide range of apps

    Powers a wide range of applications including size recommendation, virtual try-on, custom-fit apparel, and consumer analytics

  • Suitable

    Suitable for brands, manufacturers, distributors of any size

  • your product data

    Full integration of your product data


Size Advisor

As simple as a selfie

Our Size Advisor extracts a person’s body measurements in seconds from a single side and a single front picture. Once completed, an individual body profile is created for the user describing the user’s personal body avatar.

The profile data is ready to be used for a broad variety of applications, such as highly accurate, individual size recommendations for any type of garment. In connection with our Virtual Garment Technology the body profile can also be used for the visualisation of clothes on the user’s body avatar, resulting in comprehensive virtual mirror and fitting room applications that can be smoothly integrated into online applications and web shops.


Watch the video below to see how it works:


Size Advisor features:

  • Results in seconds

    Collects personal body measurements in seconds used with basically any smartphone or webcam

  • Recommendation

    Provides accurate size & fit recommendations for any type of garment

  • Unique profile

    Creates a unique profile for the user on our centralised cloud platform

  • Simple integration

    Smooth and simple integration into any online shop


Virtual Garment Technology

Photo-realistic 3D garment models

Fision Technologies’ Virtual Garment Technology enables creation of photo-realistic 3D models of any garment.

Our image-based approach allows highly automated, fast and easy creation of the models entailing all design details out of the box, without the need for cumbersome manual design work.

The models are fully scalable based on size information and offer on-the-fly color variation while retaining their full photo-realistic look.

The technology powers a variety of applications such as virtual showrooms and garment design tools.

Virtual Garment Technology features:



Climate change, stimulated by the emission of greenhouse gases, might well constitute the greatest challenge of our times. Similarly, increasing pollution of oceans with plastic waste leads to the destruction of ecosystems and adversely affects the health of animals and people.

We think it requires the help of all of us to overcome these challenges.

E-Commerce has been growing rapidly over the past years, due to some obvious advantages over brick-and-mortar commerce. However, there are disadvantages, too, such as:

  • E-Commerce requires transport and transport typically implies packaging waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Physical goods cannot be inspected and tried before purchase in the same way as in a store, leading to a high risk of failed purchases.
  • Today's buyers expect free returns resulting in transportation costs for the seller.

Especially for the online distribution of apparel these disadvantages are leading to significant inefficiencies in the form of staggering return rates of often 30% or more.

With our solutions, we aim to enable consumers to make well-informed purchase decisions, thus avoiding returns and helping E-Commerce to become greener.

Fision Technologies:
Digital solutions
for the
Apparel Industry

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Our aim is to create value for consumers, brands, distributors, and the environment.

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