Size Re­com­men­da­tion

Decrease return rates

and increase conversion

Remove the guesswork of choosing sizes and instead allow customers to find their best fit at the click of a button. Fision's size recommendation is using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to combine clothing data with body measurements, derived from your customers meepl profile. Our technology takes into account, that every garment has an

individual fit and size recommendation can not be generalized for a whole collection at once. What means our Size Recommendation is based on individual garment measurements and based on the customer specific body, using either the full meepl profil or the meepl quick size function.


Try out our Size Recommendation for free

Wanna try a demo that matches your specific garments? All we need are the measurement tables plus the tech pack and we set up a personal demo just for you.

meepl Quick Size function

Alternatively to the full meepl profil, which requires a body scan, meepl provides the possibility to receive a customer’s quick size by typing in 4 specific body values only. This makes meepl accessible everywhere – does not matter whether your customers enjoy online shopping at home, on their way to work or anywhere else.

The 4 values are typed once on a simple layover screen on your website. As soon as the customer's quick size is calculated the layover screen can be closed, and the specific sizes for each article are automatically displayed in the meepl button integrated on your website.

Customer confidence

This means that every recommendation is personalized and allows your customer advanced filtering of offerings based on their actual physical properties. Creating an integrated system of recommendations enables automatized customer support and intelligent shopping assistants, lowers the need for returns of products and increases the confidence a customer has in a purchase. The improved shopping experience enhances customer satisfaction and loyality. This leads to higher conversion, that promotes both cross-selling and up-selling.


Connection to our Virtual Dressing Room

The combination of both, your customers meepl profil and the results generated by our Size Recommendation, further feeds into our Virtual Dressing Room. This solution empowers you to offer customers a completely new, personalized, 3D online shopping experience. Learn more about our Virtual Dressing Room here.


Manually captured body data often suffers from incompleteness, errors from manual data entry and inconsistencies due to varying measurement taking approaches.

With meepl and our size recommendation engine the acquisition of body data is inherently complete and consistent. In this way, we enable our corporate clients to receive size recommenations in the most effective way. In addition, the digitization of supply chains becomes possible, what permits comprehensive process optimization and makes our services particularly interesting for workwear providers.

Curious to see how established workwear providers integrate our solution into their existing processes? Download our case study with Würtenberg Design below.

Würtenberg D. Case Study

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Decrease returns for greater sustainability

Decrease returns for greater sustainability

Promote cross- and up-selling

Promote cross- and up-selling

Digitalized and automated measurement processes

Digitalized and automated measurement processes