Based on ground-

breaking Research

Our algorithms calculate a comprehensive list of highly accurate body measurements in alignment with the Optimass standard, fully automatized and standardized. Below, the currently in the meepl body profile included body measurements are listed.

Each body measurement is documented with its meepl name, Optimass name/code, and a video illustrating how the measurement is manually taken by a professional tailor. Take a shortcut to the upper body measurements or lower body measurements.

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2-Picture Measuring

Our state of the art measuring algorithm combines approaches from artificial intelligence, computer vision and 3D geometry processing to extract accurate measurements from front and side images. The algorithm is robust and also works under less favorable lighting and background conditions. Learn more about how we use this groundbreaking algorithm within meepl here.

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meepl Platform

The meepl platform combines our core technologies into a coherent data processing engine. Based on our technological values of data privacy, scalability and maintainability our team of software engineers built a network of microservices running on top of Google Cloud. Using state of the art cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes & Knative we are able to scale with our customers needs while staying agile. Using a distributed database ensures high performance serving customers around the globe.

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Augmented Reality

The 3D models feeding our Virtual Dressing Room are in line with the open industry standards. These 3D models can either be used in dedicated applications or can be displayed within mobile browsers. Thanks to features like AR Quick Look it is now even possible to view 3D content from within Safari using iOS 12. If you are curious how you can leverage this new feature on your iOS 12 powered mobile device then have a look here.

EPFL Collaboration